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From the surf to the snow and everything between, living the SoCal lifestyle means we’re always “on-the-go” and craving healthy, low-fat, low-sugar fuel for the next adventure. We found the perfect solution in our jerky, utilizing only prime cuts with tried & true smokehouse techniques. Offering bold gourmet flavors (backed by a life-long romance with BBQ), every bite best explains the time and attention paid to the craft.

SoCal Jerky Company is the marriage of Southwest tradition and SoCal style. Every 2.75 oz package starts out as a Premium Grass Fed Top Sirloin cut of steak and is carefully handcrafted using our small batch formula; marinated in all natural ingredients for at least 24 hours, then slow cooked for at least 48 hours (using our unique, proprietary process, developed through a lifelong love of the craft). It is then delivered to you in our overstuffed, packable bags full of delicious, Gourmet Beef Jerky. 

How we got started


Just a few dudes from Southern California who love to cook & share with friends. We got so many requests for our homemade jerky that we could barely keep up with the demand. Thats when we decided to invest in a commercial facility and bring the best SoCal has to offer to everyone. Maintaining our original formula for success, all our products are locally sourced from Southern California and we use only the best. all natural ingredients. 

SoCal Flavor


We offer an amazing selection of unique flavors, with an option for just about every palate. No tricks, just honest, healthy, wholesome ingredients go into our marinades. Grass fed, Gourmet cuts, marinated in small batches for at least 24 hours.  

Spicy Korean BBQ 

Our Spicy Korean BBQ is a tender kiss on the lips and a spicy kick in the shorts. It's fire!!!

Sweet Sriracha 

Our sweet Sriracha combines the distinctive heat of classic Sriracha sauce with a tangy, gourmet twist. Sweet at the beginning with a kick of spice in the middle!

Pineapple Teriyaki 

Our Pineapple Teriyaki is quite simply the sweetest meat you’ll ever eat! 

O.C. Original 

A unique combination of savory and sweet, our O.C. Original has a classic flavor that the whole family is sure to appreciate.

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